CollegeCandy vs Bill Vallicella on women in politics

(quoting CollegeCandy)

With regards to a woman in the White House, any woman will not do.

(quoting Bill Vallicella)

Similarly, liberals are all for women, so long as they are not conservative women, as witness the unspeakably vicious attacks on Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann.

My two cents

English: This is an alternate crop of an image...
Governor Sarah Palin in Dover, NH (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No surprises here: feminism loves the idea of women in politics—when the women reflect the feminist agenda. Talk about  a sneaky and conditional support of women in politics. In the civic arena, feminists are bent on controlling and overpowering the viewpoints of women who are different to them. That’s equality for you.

There’s that hackneyed line supposing it’s wrong to have one’s faith as a vector to impose law, but that’s garbage. All law is based on someone’s belief in something (and in the case of humanistic women, it’s a belief in their own sense of self-righteousness).

If women are serious about a woman in the White House, any woman will do—Sarah Palin is no less of a woman just because her political viewpoint differs from certain other women. The only time any woman won’t do is if people pay lip service to the concept.

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