A more realistic view of college education

We still tell fairy tales about escapes from the ghetto to the classroom or the short path from graduation to lifelong satisfaction, not to mention America’s collective college success story: The G.I. Bill. But these narratives are not inspiring true-life models, they’re advertising copy, and they come complete with loan forms.

My two cents

English: Firle House, Lewes Tertiary College T...
Firle House, Lewes Tertiary College The further education college has been part of Sussex Downs College since 2001 having previously been a separate entity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally, someone who covers the overrated aspects of tertiary education. Some people seem to think of tertiary education as a right that the world owes you; without it, the sky will fall. It’s not that universities should be closed (besides humanistic ones), it’s that there’s more to life than priming yourself for assignments, essay cover sheets assuring against plagiarism, and spring break cliches. I need to develop this theme more, but that can wait, maybe for a long time.

Quote source

Harris, M. (2011). Bad Education. Available: http://nplusonemag.com/bad-education. Last accessed 14th Feb 2012.


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