Jennie Chancey on voting for the lesser of two evils

We’ve all heard the tired old arguments about how it’s impossible for a godly third-party candidate to win, so we’d better not “waste” our vote on one. After all, putting a “lesser” evil into office is better than a “greater” evil, right? But this lesser and greater evils argument is nowhere found in scripture, either directly or by principle. God doesn’t require us to vote for evil at all. If we had a choice between Hitler and Stalin, after all, wouldn’t it be far better to abstain or to write in a godly candidate? An earthly victory isn’t the point; only obedience to God matters…

If Christians are willing to support “lesser” evils, we are going to get what we ask for (evil).

My two cents

A collage made from the portraits of Stalin an...
A collage made from the portraits of Stalin and Hitler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hooray for LAF’s 10th birthday! (Am I the first blogger to acknowledge this?) I can’t believe how quickly four years have passed since I wrote about their sixth birthday on my old blog (I was a year too late for the fifth). Back then I cited a few other quotes from their site, so I’ll keep that quinquennial website birthday custom going…

As for the quote itself, it is from 2004 but it has stuck with me for a long time. There are two reasons for that: first, it’s because of people in my family who are content – bordering on defensive – with accepting the lesser of two evils. Second, it’s the rejection of pragmatism and overturning of arguments from (Biblical) silence. The quoted reasoning is far  more convincing to me, and I like its religious overtones trumping the relativistic mindset.

Quote source

Chancey, J. (2004). “Is LAF too political?”. Available: Last accessed 31st Dec 2011.


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