Greg Abbott (and 50 states) trump the Freedom From Religion Foundation

Earlier this year [2011], the [Texas] Attorney General’s Office took similar legal action to defend Medina Valley I.S.D.’s [Independent School District’s] ability to include student-led prayer in its high school graduation ceremony. In that case, the federal district court initially ordered the school district to forbid prayers at graduation. With our support, the school district appealed the court’s misguided and legally flawed decision. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit correctly applied the law, overturned the district court’s order, and permitted Medina Valley students to freely express their religious beliefs during their graduation ceremony.

…When FFRF [the Freedom from Religion Foundation] challenged President Obama’s 2009 inaugural prayer, I filed a brief defending inaugural prayers—which was joined by the attorneys general from all fifty states—and the FFRF’s claims were correctly rejected by the federal courts.

My two cents

English: Seal of the United States Court of Ap...
Seal of the United States Court of Appeal for the Fifth Circuit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If this is how Texas operates, I think I want to move there. I’m immersed in a humanistic environment, so I didn’t realise there were still places with the Texas kind of mindset at the legislative level, but now I hope this model can be adopted everywhere.

I’m so encouraged when the ploys of atheists backfire and when the courts side with Christianity at the expense of atheism, humanism, and their variants.

Another thing I like is how presidential inauguration prayers became a tradition in the 20th century. One would have expected this to have begun in the 19th or 18th century, so to have new religious traditions cropping up is encouraging, and at the very least, a good symbolic gesture in the political arena.

Quote source

Abbott, G. (2011). Attorney General Abbott Offers Support to Henderson County Judge Over Challenge to Courthouse Nativity Scene. Available: Last accessed 29th Jan 2012


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