The Creation Museum funded by godly families

A Cincinnati, Ohio family–who has a passion for proclaiming Biblical truths–is donating the largest gift yet to AiG’s future $14 million Creation Museum and Family Discovery Center: $1 million. (AiG has honored the family’s request for anonymity in their desire to honor Jesus Christ’s words regarding giving in Matthew 6:1-4.)

My two cents

Thumbs up for religion, generosity, and apologetics! I remember hearing about this donation a few years ago, and it was heartwarming. Fast forward to 2012, and I decided to do a little hunting to find the primary source. If I can visit America one day, I think the Creation Museum is one place I’d like to visit. Unlike certain other bitter people on the internet, I like the evangelistic overtones associated with the museum.

I like how they decided to place the museum in a relatively centralised location. I was watching a documentary on some creationists who said that when they went to universities and/or seminaries in the 1950s or whenever, that evolution was taken as gospel by professing Christians. Decades later, creationism has re-emerged. I wonder if the donating family visits the museum often and if any new staff don’t realise who they are…

Quote source

Answers in Genesis. (2001). $1 Million Donation to Creation Museum! Available: Last accessed 11th Jan 2011.


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