Hal Lindsey’s USSR prophecy fizzles

Hal Lindsey reached this conclusion in the early 1980s:

The most important lesson to be learned from this chapter, however, is this: the Soviet Union and its satellites have now reached the position of military superiority and strategic world power to fulfil their predicted dreadful role in history.

But Chandler and Wright, with the benefit of hindsight, showed that Lindsey hadn’t learnt his lesson:

In 1975, Soviet and US astronauts had met in space, but that would be almost the last symbol of genuine superpower status for the Soviet Union…further talks were held [by the late 1980s] to discuss the reductions in conventional forces. But before these reached any conclusions, the Eastern bloc disintegrated and the Soviet Union did nothing to stop it…suddenly, the peoples of Eastern Europe realised that they no longer need fear that the Red Army would crush opposition as it had done in Hungary in 1956.

My two cents

Coat of arms of the Union of Soviet Socialist ...
Coat of arms of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics from 1958 to 1991 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Talk about prophecies that fizzle. The notion that the USSR was going to cause the end of the world stands as an embarrassment to such writers—they entered the ’90s with with egg on their face. I wonder how many people born after the fall of the Soviet Union realise how much mania existed on this issue, not to mention the obsessiveness of those preoccupied with hooking it onto the book of Revelation.

Quote sources

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  2. Chandler, M & Wright, J (2001). Modern World History for Edexcel Specification A. 2nd ed. Oxford: Heinemann Educational Publishers. pp. 291-292. gorbachev bush peace

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