Cumulative tax increases: just pick a number!

At the start of the 1900s, government at all levels in America claimed about 5 percent of personal income. A hundred years later, it takes more than 40 percent—up by a factor of eight. So my first questions to you are these: Why is this not enough? How much do you want? Fifty percent? Seventy percent? Do you want all of it? To what extent do you believe a person is entitled to what he (or she) has earned?

My two cents

taxes (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

If the state is sovereign over God, then cumulative taxes are OK. If God is sovereign over the state, then let’s follow the tax prescriptions in the Bible. I’ve seen two articles on two different groups of people who ask their governments to tax them more (one was a group of billionaires, the other was a group of left-wing activists sympathetic to the Occupy [insert city here] movement). There’s nothing to stop these people giving to charity in a regular and systematic basis, but instead they look to the state as the only messiah that can deliver people from poverty.

I daresay that on the whole, governments around the world in 1900 were in far less debt. These days they take in more tax, and they’re in more debt now than they’ve ever been.

Quote source

Reed, L. W. (2000). An Open Letter to Statists Everywhere. Available: Last accessed 29th Dec 2011.


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