Environmentalists admit that environmentalism is religious

As for federal [Australian Greens] leader Bob Brown, he is a ”lapsed Presbyterian”. But adding weight to the suggestion that the Greens have turned the crusade for the environment into a faith, Mr Brown’ s office said his religion was “believing the fate of the Earth is in our hands”.

My two cents

Mantidae>Orthodera gracilis? Australian Green ...
Mantidae>Orthodera gracilis? Australian Green Mantis DSCF2496 (Photo credit: Bill & Mark Bell)

I don’t support the Greens, and I hate how they wanted to have the Lord’s Prayer removed from Parliament. Sometimes I hear people debate whether environmentalism is a religion. If religion is characterised as a belief system, then the above quote means the answer is  yes. At least the environmentalist politicians are honest enough with their worldview and motivations; if only their defenders would follow suit.

Quote source

Gordon, J & Fyfe, M. (2010). Q: What do these MPs have in common? A: They are out and proud atheists. Available: http://www.theage.com.au/national/q-what-do-these-mps-have-in-common-a-they-are-out-and-proud-atheists-20100313-q59i.html. Last accessed 26th Dec 2011.


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