Queen Victoria’s Christian proclamations

Nor was she afraid to stand up for the honour of God when some of her statesmen wished her to ignore His existence. A remarkable instance of this is seen in her conduct in relation to her Indian Empire, in 1859, soon after the Indian Mutiny. The Government, as we have seen, had drawn a Royal Proclamation to the people of India, but when they submitted it to the Queen for her approval, she discovered, with horror, that it omitted all mention of the name of God and of the Christian religion. With a courage worthy of all praise, and no doubt with indignation at her Ministers’ unfaithfulness, she took her pen and added to the Proclamation the following sentences:

“Firmly relying on the truth of Christianity, and acknowledging with gratitude the solace of religion”; and

“may the God of all power grant to us, and those in authority under us, strength to carry out these, our wishes, for the good of our people.”

These sentences, when read by the friends of Christian Missions, gave great satisfaction.

My two cents

Queen Victoria (State portrait) by Sir George ...
Queen Victoria (State portrait) by Sir George Hayter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope every head of state can do these same things, which need not be limited to the 19th century and before. I like how Queen Victoria’s act was described as “courage worthy of all praise”. I wonder what happened to those ungodly Ministers of hers afterwards.

Quote source

Walsh, W (2005). The Religious Life and Influence of Queen Victoria. Whitefish: Kessinger Publishing. pp. 257-258.


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