Earth Day is a misguided campaign

The Bible teaches that the very existence of the earth is a reminder to all men of the eternal power and Godhood of Christ, so that they are without excuse (Romans 1:20)…Significantly, the Bible warns us that the consequence for man rejecting the witness of creation is that he worships creation itself (Romans 1:22-25)…Man is the pinnacle of creation and has more eternal value than the earth or any of the creatures who live on it (Psalm 8:5).

My two cents

Australian Plant Communities' Lagoon
Australian Plant Communities’ Lagoon (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)

As important as all of these points are, my favourite is the last. I can think of one person who’s big on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving certain plant associations, and all of the while I think to myself “why is he worshipping the creation more than the creator?” I also hated it when another person employed the trope of “mother earth is angry”. If I’m ever fortunate enough to meet a Vision Forum girl, perhaps I could cite the Rushdoonian premise that nature is a bastard concept and must be dropped—I’d like to see how she responds.

Quote source

Phillips, D. (2011). A Christian Response to Earth Day. Available: Last accessed 2nd Dec 2011.


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