Conservapedia celebrates the refutation of evolutionists

Poorly conceived responses from evolutionists have been pouring in to Creation Ministries International concerning their Question evolution! campaign and of course all of them are easily refuted by their creation scientists and Christian apologetics staff.

My two cents

English: Photo of a diorama showing a mock gra...
Photo of a diorama showing a mock grave for evolution on display at the genesis expo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like the confidence that’s in this response. I think we need more of it from everyone on their side. I find that Conservapedia’s front page is a good portal for things like this; I might not have heard of certain other websites if it wasn’t for Conservapedia’s syndication. I also find it interesting when they report on evolutionists who aren’t up to debating Conservapedians or creationists; I think they once juxtaposed that with a picture of a rabbit hiding in a rabbit warren.

Quote source

Conservapedia. (2011). Main Page – Conservapedia. Available: Last accessed 15th Sep 2011.


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