The commodification of tertiary education

As tuition rates skyrocket, it is perhaps understandable why students increasingly behave like customers to whom you should cater. They have, after all, purchased your services. Of course, in their minds, the important service that you provide is not imparting knowledge, but awarding credit.

My two cents

English: University of California, Berkeley st...
University of California, Berkeley students protest a 30% hike in tuition fees. They formed a circle of about 12 people at the north campus entrance on Herst Ave. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An interesting commentary on modern-day education. I’ve seen this situation happen once in a tertiary education situation, and yes I think that tuition fees were an influence. When university students appeal the grade they were given for some assignment, I’d like to know the figures on how many students succeed on their appeal.

I also remember a funny story in high school when some student wrote an essay which was going to be graded by someone external to the school—the student slipped in a five-dollar note along with the piece.

Quote source

100 Reasons. (2011). Teaching is less and less rewarding. Available: Last accessed 13th Oct 2011.


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