Greg Bahnsen on the meaning of love

Love cannot generate moral direction for life when taken by itself; men live by radically different ethical standards when allegedly under the sole guidance of “love.” Ethical chaos and situational morality are inevitable when love is taken as a moral arbiter. The word of God tells us that genuine love is the keeping of God’s law. Love and law are inseparable.

My two cents

Love tree
Love tree (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

This passage acts as an important hedge against existentialism. All too often, love is redefined and reduced to a romantic notion or a spineless acceptance of practically everything—especially whatever the television says is OK. If love is stripped of its essence and replaced in existentialist garb, it becomes the emperor’s new clothes.

Quote source

Bahnsen, G.L. (1979). Theonomy in Christian Ethics. 1st. ed. Nutley: Craig Press, p. 243


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