Andy Schlafly on liberals

Give it up liberals!

My two cents

English: Andrew Schlafly, conservative activis...
Andrew Schlafly, conservative activist lawyer, son of Phyllis Schlafly and founder of Conservapedia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This one came from a Twitter post, but it also appears on the front page of Conservapedia’s right-hand sidebar as a preface to certain news articles. Sometimes the exclamation is written with a separating comma, sometimes without. Either way, I like it.

It reminds me of that Jim Mora playoffs video, or rather the videos of three-year old kids who copy it—and it sounds funny. Going along those lines, I’d love to see a three-year old kid say “give it up liberals!” – so long as they understand what it means.

Quote source

Schafly, A. (2011). Twitter / @AndySchlafly. Available:!/AndySchlafly/statuses/54196609759707137. Last accessed 10th Aug 2011.


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