Unbelievers and tithing: making them pay

It was legitimate to take a return above the sum lent from the religious stranger (Deuteronomy 23:20). A tenth of this increase would therefore be tithed to God, thereby extracting from the unregenerate at least a portion of the tithe that all men owe to God.

My two cents

Tithe Barn, Tisbury, Wiltshire.
Tithe Barn, Tisbury, Wiltshire. (Photo credit: Jim Linwood)

While I remember what L. Ray Smith said about tithing under the New Testament, I nonetheless like North’s religious view on the matter of loans, interest, and tithing.

Quote source

North, G (1973). “Stewardship, Investment, and Usury: Financing the Kingdom of God” in the  Institutes of Biblical Law (Volume 1). The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company. p. 800.


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