Jack Kevorkian off-target on playing God

Well isn’t the doctor who takes a leg off [through amputation] playing God? Of course! Any time you interfere with a natural process, you’re playing God. God determines what happens naturally. That means that when a person’s ill, you shouldn’t go to a doctor because he’s asking for interference with God’s will.

My two cents

English: Jack Kevorkian speaking at UCLA.
Jack Kevorkian speaking at UCLA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Later in that interview, Jack Kevorkian said he didn’t know if God exists. On that basis, I gather he’s an agnostic. If that’s correct, I suppose that explains his lack of Biblical citations on the issue of health.

I’m not convinced that you’re playing God just by going to a doctor. Turning to the Gospels, I don’t recall the woman with continual bleeding being criticised for approaching doctors for a cure before she approached Jesus; I don’t recall the disciples committing a sin by casting out demons in Jesus’ name. From a Calvinist perspective, it was God’s will that those people were cured.

Quote source

Cable News Network. (2010). Video: Conversation with Dr. Jack Kevorkian. Available: http://ac360.blogs.cnn.com/2010/04/16/video-conversation-with-dr-jack-kevorkian/?iref=allsearch. Last accessed 12th Jun 2011.


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