Family planning by government shown wrong

Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew has already publicly acknowledged that the stop-at-two campaign during his time as Prime Minister was a mistake, considering the demographic winter that his country is now experiencing.

My two cents

English: Lee Kuan Yew (Mandarin: 李光耀, Pinyin: ...
Lee Kuan Yew (born 16 September 1923), the first Prime Minister of Singapore (1959–1990).  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m glad when humanistically-minded politicians can acknowledge their mistakes.

It’s not the role of the state to suggest, decide, encourage or discourage the size of our families. What makes politicians think they have a mandate, or any worth in saying so? I’ve never heard of a married couple, who when they talk about having another baby, say “we need to consult the politicians”.

Quote source

Villegas, B. (2011). Positive dimensions of population growth. Available: Last accessed 15th May 2011.


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