Fatherless children are disadvantaged

It was pretty bad. My father wasn’t home. You need a father to teach you how to be a man. How to have responsibility. I think that was the big problem in Compton or any low-income neighborhood. I had to find out how to be a man by myself.

My two cents

I can relate to this. If no-one teaches you how to be a man, you’re screwed. And not many people seem to care either. You’re left to yourself and you have to guess your way through it and hope that you got it right. If you happen to get it wrong, the father doesn’t get the blame. You do.

Quote source

Celeste, E (1996). “Fueled by Anger” in The Sporting News Pro Football Yearbook 1996. St. Louis: The Sporting News Publishing Co. p. 30.


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