Two causes behind atheistic conversions

Atheism is first and foremost a rejection of theism. However, the rejection of theism itself springs from several often misunderstood sources. A deep and personal disappointment with a particular religion frequently converts into a fervent rejection of theism and all that it means. A second source may begin with a genuine delight in the achievements of science which now and then, and quite unnoticeably, spills over into a materialistic metaphysics. The latter, in turn, bluntly opposes theism’s commitment to a transcendent reality. Thus, what starts as a delight in the potential of inquiry to unlock the mysteries of the physical universe migrates into an impatient and often mocking rejection of anything non-physical.

My two cents

The Need For Answers
The Need For Answers (Photo credit: zachstern)

This is an effective way of describing the thought processes of several people I know (as well as several atheists’ videos on YouTube). How true that such people often make inordinate reaches based on their personal dissatisfaction…as though their minds were the measure of all things. Such people are often guilty of throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

It also gets tiring reading the comments on atheistic YouTube videos that include the phrase “theists…” in their rhetoric. By their fruits you shall know them.

Quote source

Lupu, P. (2011). Why I am a Quasi-Atheist. Available: Last accessed 8th May 2011.


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