Examples of evangelical evangelism that fail

Evangelicals have long believed that the way to get attention is to reincarnate the gospel into a vanilla-flavored version of whatever worldly fad is the going thing. Thus, we have the embarrassment of “Christian boy bands” seeking to imitate (usually badly) the music of ‘N Sync.

My two cents

The Collection ('N Sync album)
The Collection (‘N Sync album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I think of music, I tend to think of fundamentalist webpages that are against popular music and I suppose I have no opposition to that position. Recently, I’ve been thinking of evangelism techniques i.e. old school (fire and brimstone preaching to those who know nothing of supralapsarianism or infralapsarianism) vs new school (with pop culture packaging and simplified theology as a lead-in). I think I’m more inclined towards old school.

Quote Source

Moore, R.D. (n.d.). Can a Glamorous New Bible Reach the Cosmo Teen?. Available: http://www.bible-researcher.com/merchandise.html. Last accessed 5th Mar 2011.


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