Should the Old Testament reveal St. Paul?

And Jesus never spoke a word about Paul. If Paul is so important to Christians then shouldn’t at least one prophet [have] predicted anything about him, like we have predictions about Jesus and Mohammad in the Old Testament?

My two cents

Old testament window
Old testament window (Photo credit: Henry McLin)

I’m not exactly convinced by that premise (i.e. Paul’s words only have validity if he was prophesied in the Old Testament). The viewpoint implies that prophecy trumps inspiration. I don’t believe that viewpoint was held during the formation of the New Testament canon; inspiration (in and of itself) was sufficient.

If prophecy is ultimate, then all of the Old Testament prophets may also need to have been prophesied (in the Torah), but I don’t think that was the case, especially if the authorship of certain books is unknown or disputed.

Regarding the linkage of Mohammad with prophecies in Deuteronomy, I thought that the Christian interpretation of that verse precedes the Muslim interpretation. I may have missed it, but I don’t recall the Church Fathers being unsure of how to interpret that verse, then feeling settled on it once Islam emerged.

Quote source

Pourhassan, N. (n.d.). Debate between the Author and a Christian man. Available: Last accessed 2nd Mar 2011.


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