The Law of God as the foundation of state law

As in England there has been judicial recognition in Australia that Christianity is part of the law of the land. Thus in Ex parte Thackeray it was said that the law of God is part of the law of the colony of New South Wales. Further, the continued existence of blasphemy, circumscribed though it be, as a criminal offence is difficult to explain in terms of the preservation of order unless the law of God be the foundation of that order.

My two cents

England World
England World (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Yes, this counter to antinomianism is all important, and all good as the foundation of social order. I wonder why this aspect of history is overlooked in schools and Parliaments. I think theonomy is more part of the West than many people want to admit. I hear there are some secular people who act as historical revisionists on this topic though.

Quote source

Booth, G. (n.d.). Understanding Our Christian Heritage. Available: Last accessed 20th Feb 2011.


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