Pointing out secularism’s religious worldview

As Cardinal Pell commented in his 2009 inaugural term lecture at Oxford Divinity School, the limited scope that secularists are prepared to concede to traditional beliefs is actually based on their own religious assumption that human beings have created God, and not that God has created human beings. Thus, even when secularists presume to have banished “religion” from the public square, they have done no more than to infuse it with their own religious worldview. In other words, they have privatised all religions except their own, which they have actually privileged above all others.

My two cents

English: The north side of Oxford Divinity Sch...
The north side of Oxford Divinity School (facing the Sheldonian Theatre), photographed in July 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m glad this type of finding exists and that such journals are available for everyone to freely read online—rather than being locked behind some e-journal webpage that gives an abstract and then tries to sell the rest of the article (techniques like that are effective in stopping the flow and dissemination of information).

It’s interesting (but frustrating) watching secularists dodge the notion that secularism is not a religion. It strikes me a form of stealth theology. It also bothers me when things like Christian Reconstruction are labelled as stealth theology, when Reconstruction couldn’t be more upfront and explicit about what it seeks to do. On the contrary, the title of stealth theology belongs more fittingly to secularism—a religion that has the trappings of religion, but then doesn’t call itself a religion.

Quote source

Zimmermann, A. (2010). “God, Locke and Montesquieu: Some Thoughts Concerning the Religious Foundations of Modern Constitutionalism” in The Western Australian Jurist. 2010 (1), pp. 9-10.


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