David Cloud mistaken on God’s sovereignty

If God’s sovereignty means that His will is always done, this world would make no sense!

My two cents


Cornelius Van Til
Cornelius Van Til (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I disagree with that assertion:

  • Nothing in this universe escapes God’s grasp—in time or eternity.
  • I thought Jesus told us to pray “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. If it’s read as a request, then that means that Jesus instructed us to pray for the world to make no sense. If it’s read as an affirmation, there’s no such problem.
  • It implies that God can’t be trusted to do everything according to his will; if he can’t be trusted, then possibility exists beyond God.
  • Plan B is a humanistic trait, not a divine one.
  • Sovereignty precedes actuality. God doesn’t play dice with the universe, and even if he did, he’d know exactly where it will land seeing as he precedes time, space and matter in the first place.
  • In monolatrism, one God must exhaustively precede all others, otherwise it would be polytheism or henotheism. The only gods whose wills didn’t go 100% according to plan were the pagan ones invented later.

Why do I keep thinking of Cornelius Van Til as I write this?


Cloud, D. (2009). The Calvinism Debate. Available: http://www.wayoflife.org/database/calvinismdebate.html. Last accessed 9th Feb 2011.


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