The BBC’s biased view of origins

It was not long before the BBC allowed [Lord Robert] Winston’s anti-Bible bias to be displayed, as he reported. ‘I was dismayed by what I saw at Ken Ham’s museum. It was alarming to see so much time, money [$25 million US] and effort making a mockery of hard-won scientific knowledge.’

This shocking, highly biased comment, to which there was no challenge, ignores the far vaster sums of money, time and effort spent producing displays of dubious or fraudulent intent, such as ‘proofs’ of the evolution of the horse.

My two cents

creationwiki public domain
creationwiki public domain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The linked article is a good example of how the mainstream media selectively edits out challenges to evolution, all the while misleading people who take their cues from television. I would have fallen for this type of bias/selectivity when I was a teenager, but the decentralisation of the media (due to the internet) allows today’s teenagers to get the full story.

Quote source

Taylor, P, (2005). The Story of God—an Overview, accessed 6 December 2010.


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