Reg Kelly on the meaning of love

Attempting to love your neighbour, without a higher love to God—with all your heart/soul/mind—will produce an imitation love…

Some little twisted minded twerp, says “we need to love the sodomites. We need to accept them as they are. They don’t need rebuke and harshness and judgement”, and then they’ll go around talking about “how much they love them and that we’re not to judge, but to love”. And they let ’em die and go to hell—let ’em die and go to hell.

Don’t tell me that you love anybody if you won’t warn somebody about their sin that’s taking them to hell! America’s full of this trash! It’s an imitation love that we’ve carved out because we don’t love God! If God calls something an abomination—and we love God—it ought to be an abomination to you and I!

My two cents

English: Looking south from Top of the Rock, N...
Looking south from Top of the Rock, New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some great vocalisations on the audio (much more powerful and better than just reading the transcript above).

Only a humanist would think that love means that you accept an abomination.

Quote source

Kelly, R. (2008). The Worst Sin I Have Ever Committed (audio sermon). Available: Last accessed 2 December 2010.


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