The Jewish Encyclopedia on the Pentateuch

The whole Law [the Pentateuch] was at an early stage utilized for public instruction. The Deuteronomic law, whatever its contents were, was to be written “very clearly” on large stones on the highways, that all the people might read.

My two cents

Ten Commandments
Ten Commandments (Photo credit: glen edelson)

Excellent. This reminds me of two practices:

  1. Judge Roy Moore having that Ten Commandments monument in the courts
  2. The big road sign I once saw on a national highway from a church (or parachurch) group which said “READ YOUR BIBLE” in big capital letters.

When can we restart this practice of roadside signs that are full of excerpts from the Torah? This is the type of public education that the state should be involved in.

Quote source

Jewish Encyclopedia (2002). “Education”,, accessed 29 November 2010.


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