Differences between the Old and New Order Amish

But the idea that all Amish groups can be placed on a single continuum also oversimplifies reality, and the New Order provide a case in point. In most cases, they are technologically progressive but doctrinally and morally conservative. For example, the New Order will accept travel by plane, phones in the home, air in their tractor tires, and more bells and whistles on their buggies, yet they are much more restrictive on courtship, smoking and alcohol consumption than are many Old Order.

My two cents

Amish Buggy
Amish Buggy (Photo credit: cindy47452)

Fascinating. I sometimes think about becoming Amish, and I’d be the closest thing to an Amish expert in my workplace. I find the differences between Old Order and New Order Amish fascinating. I wonder which Order would be best for me. And isn’t it interesting how we always say “The Amish”, as though they were a monolithic entity.

Quote source

Amish America (2010). An interview with “An Amish Paradox” authors Charles Hurst and David McConnell–and a chance to win the bookhttp://amishamerica.com/an-interview-with-an-amish-paradox-authors-charles-hurst-and-david-mcconnell-and-a-chance-to-win-the-book/, accessed 20 November 2010


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