20th century Christian reactions to the media

The parents [of Joseph M. Canfield] were extremely conservative and the family did not purchase a radio until 1932, which was constantly tuned to Christian broadcasting.

My two cents

English: Vintage clock radio
Vintage clock radio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow, this sounds a bit like me. I wonder if the same applied in their household for television as well. Either way, I don’t want television in my house, and with the radio, I’m not much different; 95 per cent of the time it’s used as an alarm clock, and the rest is to occasionally listen to radio evangelists. I don’t like my headspace being invaded by humanistic media.

Quote source

Torell, J.S. (n.d.) Joseph M. Canfield: A Short Biographical Sketch by John S. Torellhttp://www.eaec.org/bookstore/books/joseph_canfield_biography.htm, accessed 8 November 2010.


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