Gary North on Greg Bahnsen’s influence

In his [Greg Bahnsen’s] brief stay [at Reformed Theological Seminary in the 1970s], he taught James Jordan, David Chilton, Ken Gentry, and Gary DeMar. His colleagues were rightly concerned that he would continue to pick off the brighter, activist students. They eliminated this possibility when they got the opportunity.

My two cents

I find Gary North’s style blunt at times, but that’s a strength because it’s informative and it cuts through the treacle. I can just imagine this scene he mentioned and what if Bahnsen had stayed there for 20 years—how many more proteges there may have been. I’m glad that Gary North has made many of his publications available online for free at his website.

Quote source

North, G (1991). Christian Reconstruction: What it is, what it isn’t. Institute for Christian Economics, Tyler, p. xiv


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