Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry on remarriage

Jones focuses 25 percent of his study on the Code of Hammurabi, a non-Biblical set of ancient laws. This approach should immediately send up a warning flare to any person sincerely seeking Truth. The Truth Seeker should be very careful about going outside the Scriptures in  attempting to explain the Scriptures.

My two cents

Cover of "Divorce and Remarriage"
Cover of Divorce and Remarriage

This quote came from an article that was analysing another article saying the Bible taught it was OK to remarry after divorce. One technique the original article used was to start with the unbiblical and pagan Code of Hammurabi, and then treat the Bible as a (seemingly coincidental) correction. Since when do Christians take their cues from the Code of Hammurabi?

Quote source

Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry (2000). Analysis of a study called, “Divorce and Remarriage is NOT Adultery“, http://www.yrm.org/analysis_divorce_and_remarriage.htm, accessed 7 November 2010


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