Confirming who has a duty to the poor

I once heard a well-known college professor debate Dr. Gary North on the subject of “Care for the Poor.” He took a position similar to [Ronald J.] Sider’s, and, since he was speaking to a seminary audience, his lecture appropriately had three points. First, he said, the individual has a duty to the poor. With an open Bible before him, he admirably defended this from Scripture. Second, he observed, the church has a duty to the poor; again he quoted copiously from Holy Writ. Third, he declared, the state has a duty to the poor. He then picked up the Bible, closed it, and put it aside.

My two cents

A solid response against the humanistic left. I remember e-mailing a man who was opposed to Christianity but was a big supporter of the welfare state. He said that the message of Christianity was for the state to look after the poor. I think Barack Obama also used this angle a couple of times in his welfare-type speeches. I once e-mailed Gary North asking him about the debate, but I never got a response.

Quote source

Chilton, D 1981. Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt Manipulators, 3rd edn., Institute for Christian Economics, Tyler, p. 67


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